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Eye On International Education Association

In line with the aim of paying attention to the healthy growth of children's body and mind,
Eye On International Education Association are committed to providing diversified and high-quality extracurricular activities for children. They are also sincere in organising various workshops and lectures for long-term and early childhood educators.


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Copstone Nurture Co., established and run by Jessica Copstone, offers a variety of classes for little ones, designed to nurture and enhance their learning and development through engaging them with multi-sensory fun, movement and sound. 

For Jessica, just as important as any learning that happens in her classes, is the drive to nurture a sense of well being and enjoyment in the children attending. Creating a relaxed and happy environment where kids can be kids is hugely important to Jess. As a result, she designs and delivers all her sessions with big smiles, a sense of joy, and a genuine care for every child attending, and their budding minds.

Catering from children from 0-5 years, Copstone Nurture Co. offers a range of programmes for varying ages, stages and interests.


These include:-

1. Rhyme Time with Jess - Musical Playgroup - 0-2 years, accompanied

2. Jive Time with Jess - Fun Dancing and Singing Class - 3-5 years, unaccompanied

3. Sign Time with Jess - Baby Sign Language Classes - 0-18 months accompanied


Big Bang Academy redefines Science in early childhood education.


The mission is to promote and inspire self-driven learning through everything hands-on. They believe doing Science is the best medium to ignite children’s passion in learning, to enable them to become motivated and life-long learners.

With Big Bang, children get to build something real with their own hands where genuine interest is sparked.

When children become passionate and motivated learners, they will be ready to face any challenges ahead with confidence.