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2020 Summer Camp @ Top Creative

Successfully completed!





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Encouraging Students to make the most of their summer vacation through hands-on experiences!


The 2020 Summer Camp @Top Creative is jointly organized by Top Creative Education Hub, Baobab Learning Group, Big Bang Academy and qualified professional instructors who’ll inspire children to accept, overcome challenges and realize their potentials.


In this summer camp, Students not only make new friends, but also learn and have fun learning indoor and outdoor.  Let your children spend a fun-filled vacation with their peers and achieve great outcomes.


The 2020 Summer Camp @ Top Creative will cover various subjects, including:

Primary and Kindergarten Group 
Play with English

  • Focus and play with English through storytelling, singing, games and various extensive activities

  • Help students to build confidence in listening and speaking, reading and writing with the use of phonics skills and vocabulary


Chinese Fun

  • Fun in learning Chinese through storytelling, singing, games and various activities, combining efficient Chinese Character learning the form, sound, and meaning

  • Help students increase vocabulary, build confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and be good at expression


STEM Detective Lab

  • Hand-on fun experiment in every lesson

  • Inspire Children’s intellectual curiosity

  • Growth mindset to develop resilience

  • Led by university of Cambridge alumni


Adventure Exploration 

  • Team building games

  • Experiments

  • Creative arts

  • Cooking for Fun

  • Work Out / Outing


Kids Yoga

  • Fun yoga adventures to introduce different poses

  • Exploring mindfulness through yoga games and music

  • Managing emotions with breathing practice

  • Nurture habits of gratitude and affirmation.


Nursery Group
• Cultivate infants’ hearing and music development


  • If there are too many applicants, our current students and TopClub members will be given priority.

  • If the Education Bureau announces that primary schools and kindergartens are suspended due to a typhoon, heavy rain or other reasons, all lessons on the day will be cancelled without a make-up or refund.

  • If a student is absent due to personal issues, no make-up or refund will be provided.

  • If the lesson cannot be scheduled due to special circumstances, make-up lesson will be arranged, and the date and time will be notified separately by Top Creative.

  • The application form must be submitted together with cash, cheque or bank in slip for tuition payment. The fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • Students are required to bring their water bottles, towels and tableware for own use. If you have any allergies, please indicate on the registration form.

  • Visit to Hong Kong Noah's Ark Treasure House will be held in late August. The cost and details will be announced later.

  • Students attending Kids’ Yoga must bring their own yoga mats.

  • Top Creative reserves the copy right to use and keep the photos of activities.

Tel: 3619 4421


Online RSVP (google form):


Download eflyer: (English)

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鼓勵學生充分利用暑假,是使他們獲得經驗的最好良機!  2020夏令營@啟蒙由啟蒙教育大樓與Baobab Learning Group, Big Bang Academy及多位專業導師聯合舉辦,目的是透過啟發性學習課程,激發孩子們勇於接受挑戰,發揮潛能。





• 透過講故事, 唱歌,遊戲和各種活動,並以所定的主題來學習英語
• 透過運用英文拼音及詞彙,幫助學生建立在 聽,說,讀,寫方面的信心

• 透過講故事、唱歌、遊戲和各種活動,結合形、音、義的高效識字學習法,愉快學中文
• 幫助學生增加詞彙,建立對聽、說、讀、寫的信心, 善於表達

• 有趣親手做實驗
• 激發孩子對科學的潛在好奇心
• 培養成長心態,學習像最偉大的發明家擁有堅持不放棄的精神
• 由劍橋大學校友主導課程

• 群體互動遊戲
• 生活小實驗
• 創意藝術
• 入廚同樂
• 健體 /戶外活動

• 以有趣的方式介紹瑜伽的不同姿勢
• 透過瑜伽遊戲及柔和音樂,培養健康心靈
• 透過呼吸練習,控制情緒
• 建立自信,提升專注習慣


• 培養嬰兒及幼兒聽覺與音樂能力發展

查詢 :
電話: 3619 4421




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