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Our Mission 


​"Respect every child, nurture a loving heart, develop the potential and cultivate the mind"

Our philosophy is to ‘respect every child, nurture a loving heart, develop the potential and cultivate the mind’.

To achieve these goals, Top Creative Education Hub provides a warm and stimulating learning environment staffed with professional teachers who love children and are passionate about education.


Our teachers will implement a quality curriculum and help the children develop comprehensively.

Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment

Let children learn in a safe and stimulating learning environment and inspire them to   "respect", "be serious", "remember", "be autonomous", "explore", "think", "understand", "judge", "organize” and “create”.


Our thematic classrooms include Book Little Library, Parent-child Home, STEM-play Room, Creative Arts Room, Study Room and Dance Room which can enhance children’s interest in absorbing new knowledge, foster self-learning and innovative spirit.

Nurturing and Caring Atmosphere

We pay particular attention to nurture a loving heart, the basis for morals and ethics, during the short childhood years.  It is our hope that children would develop a positive, optimistic, confident and mutually loving character in a happy environment, with excellent traits like: being thankful, respectful, obedient, friendly, caring, sharing, confident, steadfast, responsible and willing to admit mistakes. 


We also focus on nurturing good life habits in children. Examples include neatness, self-help, politeness, and courtesy, obeying rules, healthy development of body and mind, as well as excellent etiquette.

Develop the Potential and Cultivate the Mind


In promoting creativity, we stimulate the children's interest in learning. In a way, we let children develop their potential through self-learning.

Great emphasis is placed on the nurturing of creativity. We provide thematic classrooms for children to create and display their creative works.    


Children are encouraged to appreciate and accept works by others. Parents and teachers also get to understand children's world, their potentials and guide them to develop better.



為實踐理念 ,啟蒙教育大樓提供富啟發性及安全的學習環境,由具備專業資格及充滿愛心、教育熱誠的教師設計及編寫優質課程及教材,以培育孩童全面的發展。 





啟蒙教育大樓主題課室包括: 小小圖書閣、親子園、STEM遊戲室、創意工作室、學習室及舞蹈室,這能提升孩子興趣、吸收新知識,培養自動向學及創新精神。

重視孩子各種良好的習慣  「尊重」、「服從」、「友愛」、「關懷」、「分享」、「自信」、「堅定」等健康的身心發展,並養成良好的社交態度、自學和自律,學會與他人合作相處等卓越禮儀 。





啟蒙教育大樓的課程十分重視創意的培育,配合主題課室, 讓孩子們有機會在教育大樓裡進行創作,並展示個人的創意作品。積極培養孩子們互相欣賞、互相接納。



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