2020 Christmas Mini-Camp@ Top Creative

Dec 21-23 (Mon to Wed)

10:00am - 12:30pm

Due to the continuing spread of the respiratory infections, the class has been suspended until further notice.



上午10:00 至 中午12:30



Christmas Tree
Christmas Decorations
Hanging Trees

2020 Christmas Mini-Camp@ Top Creative

Date: Dec 21-23 (Mon to Wed)

Time: 10:00am - 12:30pm

Aged: 3-8 years old (Group A: 3-5, Group B: 6-8)

Up to 25% Off to sign up on or before Dec 7!

Come and join us for some festive fun at Top Creative this December! Offering a 3-day Christmas Mini Camp for kids age 3-8 years with an active sports element and festive arts and crafts too, to keep the kids happy and busy over the holidays!


Activities :

(1) Christmas Sports Games - Led by our super Coach, the Sports Games will engage the kids in a variety of fun and enjoyable activities to build gross and fine motor skills, improve balance and stability, encourage teamwork, and develop greater hand-eye and eye-foot coordination!


(2) Festive Arts and Crafts - Under the instruction of our lovely friend Ms Jess (from Rhyme Time and Fun Dance), the children will have lots of fun exploring their creativity as they create delightful Festive Crafts to take home and share with their families to decorate their homes in time for Santa’s arrival!


Course fee including materials:

HKD 550 / per day (Sign up on or before Dec 7 for 5% Off + 10% Off for 3-day activities booking and 10% extra Off for friends/siblings)



Top Creative Education Hub

14 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong (Happy Valley & Canal Road District Kai-Fong Welfare Association)



Tel: 3619 4421

Email: topcreativeeducationhub@gmail.com




時間:上午10:00 至 中午12:30


於12月7日或之前報名, 最高可享25%的折扣優惠!


特別為3至8歲兒童設計的三天小小聖誕營,活動包括體能遊戲及節日手工藝品創作, 使他們渡過一個愉快既探索創意的忙碌假期!



(1) 體能遊戲 – 在體能超級教練的帶領下,進行各種體能發展遊戲。在過程中伸展肌肉和鍛煉體質,同時訓練平衡性和注意力,鼓勵團隊合作,幫助兒童自我身心體能發展。


(2) 創意藝術手工藝 – 由我們喜愛的朋友導師 Ms Jess《音韻時間及趣味舞蹈》指導下,兒童在探索創造的過程中,充分製作滿有節日樂趣的工藝品帶回家,與家人分享裝飾,迎接聖誕老人的來臨!



港幣 550 /每天 (於12月7日或之前報名,可享5%折扣 + 3天活動報名可享10%折扣,朋友/兄弟姐妹同時報名可享額外10%折扣優惠)




香港跑馬地景光街14號 (跑馬地鵝頸橋區街坊福利會)


查詢 :

電話: 3619 4421

電郵: topcreativeeducationhub@gmail.com


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