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Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment 
Nurturing and Caring Atmosphere 
Develop the Potential and Cultivate the Mind 
Our Mission

Our philosophy is to ‘respect every child, nurture a loving heart, develop the potential and cultivate the mind’. 

To achieve these goals, we provide a warm and stimulating learning environment staffed with professional teachers who love children and are passionate about education.




為實踐理念 ,啟蒙教育大樓提供富啟發性及安全的學習環境,由具備專業資格及充滿愛心、教育熱誠的教師設計及編寫優質課程及教材,以培育孩童全面的發展。 

Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment

The building is 7 stories high. It offers various courses and activities for infants, children, teenagers and adults. Courses include pre-nursery, playgroup,  art, English, Mandarin, STEM, dance, yoga, festival workshops, adult workshops and training.


Apart from offering courses, we also provide facilities services for individuals or organisations to use for training and learning activities.


本大樓樓高7層,空間感十足,提供嬰幼兒、兒童、青少年及成人的不同課程及活動。課程包括恆常學前班、親子班Playgroup、 藝術、英文、普通話、STEM、舞蹈、 瑜珈、節日工作坊、成人工作坊及培訓班等。


Our Classes
  • Regular Pre-Nursery (2 to 3 years old)  - Away from Parents in their first school experience to unlock children's potential

  • Playgroup (1.5 to 2.5 years old)   -  Early settlement of the child outside the home and  helps children develop their latent language

  • Fun Dance & Fun Dance Junior (1.5 to 3.5 years old)  - Focus on the active aspect of the music by engaging the children

  • Rhyme Time (6 months to 1.5 years old)  - Communicate prior to language acquisition


  • 恆常學前班 (2至3歲) - 學習識應與父母短暫分離經歷, 打開孩子潛能

  • 親子遊戲班 (1.5至2.5歲) - 適應在家以外地方學習, 幫助孩子發展語言潛能

  • 玩轉舞蹈 (1.5至3.5歲) - 讓孩子們參與美妙而快樂的舞蹈,專注於活躍音樂

  • 嬰兒童謠 (6個月至1.5歲) - 在掌握語言之前進行的交流


Contact us

Tel: 3619 4421 | WhatsApp: 9213 8838  | Email:


3/F-5/F, 14 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong  (Happy Valley & Canal Road District Kai-Fong Welfare Association) 

電話:3619 4421 | WhatsApp: 9213 8838 | 電郵 :

地址:香港跑馬地景光街14號3-5樓 (跑馬地鵝頸橋區街坊福利會)

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